What Kind Of Carpet Should You Buy For The Bedroom?

So you’ve settled on carpet in the bedroom, and it looks like you’re even started picking out your premier trims, but how do you pick your perfect flooring style? Here’s our little guide to ensuring your carpet handles the need of your space while giving you the look and feel you’re after.

It’s official, carpet is definitely cool again. After hardwood flooring started to dominate our homes, modern interior designers have been bringing soft flooring finishes back to the forefront. Designers 2LG Studio, Metro‘s resident House Doctors, say that “A bedroom should be relaxing and calm, a retreat — somewhere you want to be… We like carpets in bedrooms, or huge rugs that fit all the way under your bed and at least 50cm around it.” It’s true that nothing quite compares to putting that first foot out of the bed in the morning and having a warm, soft reception, so let’s start with comfort.

For ultimate softness, you want to look at velvet or plush carpets. This dense, short cut pile carpet features tufts with very little twist, for a smooth, super soft finish. A plush carpet is a higher and less dense version of velvet, a plush pile carpet has an even more luxurious feel. However, the extra softness in these styles comes at the expense of how hardwearing and durable they are. These types of carpet are best reserved for bedrooms with very little footfall – definitely the preserve of an adult’s bedroom over a child’s room.

But the level of twist isn’t the only concern for your bedroom carpet choice – the materials are also an important consideration. Wool carpets are often considered the best buy, being durable and easy to clean and having great thermal qualities that can keep rooms both warm and cool as necessary, but they also cost more. Wool blends, which incorporate a synthetic fibre, are popular for retaining wool’s qualities, but adding a slightly softer finish – it will also bring the cost down.

When it comes to choosing the colour, it’s important to consider how dark and lights shades affect a space differently. Dark shades can make a space feel cosier, while light shades can help feel brighter and bigger. If you have a small room, it may make sense to try to make it feel bigger, but actually, some experts say that embracing the cosy nature and opting for dark finishes is a more dynamic option.

When considering the style and colour, remember that a bed will be covering a lot of the floor space in the bedroom, so consider what you choose in line with this important piece of furnishings. If you want to use rugs particularly in your space, we don’t recommend layering over carpets, at least without fitting grips to the rug to prevent slippage. If you do want to put rugs over a carpet, consider something rougher underfoot such as a seagrass or a sisal. You can keep the softness through the rugs, while the fibre flooring retains some of the bounce and warm-retaining qualities that hard flooring just can’t compare to.

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