How To Replace An Interior Posh Door Threshold

There is sure to come a time when you need to do some repair work to your house and you’ll likely find that it’s the high traffic areas in the house that need the most attention on a regular basis.

Doorways can often show signs of wear and tear quicker than other parts of the house because they’re used so much – so you should always know how to replace interior posh door thresholds so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Interior thresholds are essential because they cover the floorboard edges that end where your door begins, helping you to transition from one floor covering to another. You’ll find that the majority of thresholds are made of wood, but you can also find them in plastic if required.

They’re not just functional but decorative as well – and you’ll certainly notice their absence if you don’t have them in place.

You’ll need to take out any nails from the interior threshold as a first step. If your door stops are undercut but the jambs aren’t, use a hammer and pry bar to take the nails out, then hammer it out from below the stops.

Before you install your new threshold, you’ll have to undercut the door stops if required and then measure your new threshold carefully and cut it to the required length. Drill some pilot holes in your threshold and nail it to the floor with flooring. And there you have it! The job is complete!

If you want to install a new exterior threshold, it’s a similar job, you’ll be pleased to hear. Remove the existing threshold from the door, cutting it with a back saw and removing it with a pry bar. Clean the area properly before you think about installing the new one.

Measure the opening for your new threshold properly and cut it to fit before laying down a bead of caulking along its back edge. Put it in place as you want it, ensuring that the angle is sloping away from your home so as to avoid any potential build-up of water.

Insert screws in the holes along the length of your threshold and test the fit. If you find that it’s too tight, plane down the door or lower the threshold instead.

Of course, if you’re not confident in your DIY abilities you can always call out a professional and experienced tradesmen to help you get the job done but it is relatively simple and you should be able to achieve it.

You may have to give it a couple of tries but you’ll soon be well versed in the art of door threshold repair and replacement – and it’s always a good idea to try these jobs out for yourself as it could prove quite expensive to always call out a tradesman whenever you need something done at home.

This useful video may help you get the job done properly the first time around.

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