Best Carpet Trends For 2019

When it comes to carpets, it can sometimes feel hard to be inspired to try something new. However, this may be a missed opportunity as there are many exciting designs out there that can really update your flooring.

Here are just a few of the interesting carpet trends that will become huge hits in 2019.


– Elaborate Hallways

Make the entrance to your house stand out by having a bold carpet or rug here. It is all too easy to keep things neutral – particularly in the hallway – but if you want to really impress visitors, this is the ideal place to do it.

This is where people make their first impressions of your house, so it is worth going bold with your carpet choices here.

Opt for a vibrant, brightly coloured carpet, or ones with elaborate patterns such as florals.

Brooklyn-based designer Malene Barnett told Elle Décor recently: “Entryways have become popular spaces for carpet, because they set the tone for a home.”

“Even though it’s an entryway, my clients haven’t been afraid to go with lighter colours like greys, beiges, and whites. You would think that they would choose a dark rug to hide the dirt, but they want to make their entryway as luxurious as a living room or bedroom,” she went on to say.


– Low-pile

Homeowners who are used to wooden or vinyl floors and are worried having a carpet will be high maintenance can rest assured they won’t be spending all their time vacuuming, as the trend these days is for low-pile carpets.

While high-pile floorings feel luxurious under the feet, they have a bad reputation for trapping dust and allergens, which has put many people off owning them in the past.

This, together with many of us being strapped for time and wanting to avoid spending our weekends meticulously vacuuming, has led to the rise in popularity of low-pile options instead.

What’s more, even if you move furniture around the room, marks are unlikely to appear on a low-pile carpet.


– Multi-coloured

It is all too easy to choose a carpet that is grey or beige, as these are easy to match with different wallpapers and paints. However, if you are feeling courageous, why not adopt the latest trend for a multi-coloured carpet?

Don’t just stick with one shade, but opt for a covering that has up to 15 different tones in it instead.

An article in said: “A vibrant mix of colours added a heady sense of play to many of the best carpet trends.”

Among the colours you might want to choose to have in your carpet are those with jewel tones, as regal golds, oranges, purples, greens and reds are going to be big this year too.


– Geometric

There has been a huge trend for geometric wallpapers, and now carpets are about to follow suit.

Geometric carpets will become massive over the next few months, whether you go for strong patterns on your stairway or in your living room.

As the pattern is itself bold, it is worth making your carpet the standout feature of the area, adding more neutral interior design pieces to the rest of the room.

Once you have chosen the ideal carpet for your house, do not forget to fit carpet edging trim. For a wide range, take a look here.

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