4 Spring Cleaning Tips For Carpet & Flooring

Have you noticed that the weather is decidedly less chilly this week than the week before? You may even have spotted a daffodil or two poking its little head out of the ground as you stroll around and about

That’s right! Spring is on the way and while we may well see a return to colder temperatures before the winter is completely done with us, you might want to think about getting a jumpstart on your spring cleaning right now.

Have a look at your flooring – does it look a little tired and dull? Your carpet can quickly start to look dirty and uncared for over the winter months, with people constantly traipsing dirt, muck and water through the house, so give it a new lease of life right now with a serious deep clean. Not only will this make it look like new but it’ll also help remove any allergens and dust mites lurking in the fabric.

You can use carpet shampoo to great effect, but if you don’t think it’s especially dirty you can use powder instead – easy to use and all you have to do is sprinkle it liberally over the floor and leave for at least half an hour, or overnight if you can.

Once you’ve given it a good clean and have breathed new life into your carpet, you might also want to pay close attention to any particularly stained or hardened areas of the floor. Heavy furniture can crush the fibres of your carpet but you can bring them back to life by spraying with a mix of vinegar and water, blotting, and then running the side of a spoon along the fibres to fluff them up again.

Another top cleaning tip to make your carpeting feel like new again is to add a few drops of some lovely essential oils into your steam cleaner – sure to make the flooring smell delightful right through spring and on into the summer months.

You might not feel like spring cleaning but we promise that once you start, it does become quite addictive watching as your house starts to sparkle and look brand-new. We spend an awful lot of time indoors these days so it is important that you keep your living spaces clean and fresh, so you can reduce the amount of germs and dust mites that collect during the winter.

Dust mites are one of the biggest causes of asthma and allergies and they love dark, warm parts of the house, so make sure you clean the carpets, yes, but also any rugs you have at home, your curtains, mattresses and upholstery so you know you’ve done all you can to get rid of these nasty little mites.

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